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Upcoming FC Events & Evenings

For paid events, registrations are mandatory even for an FC member since FC membership is currently free, and these events are how we are trying to keep it free. As an FC member, you do not need to register for free and informal internal gatherings; you come to FC like a boss. Subscribe to the calendar to know what's happening in FC; you can delete or hide the calendar later.

Pro Tip: When you subscribe to the calendar, you can search and RSVP to the specific event you are interested in!


  • FC Meet-Up: Virtual LGBTQ+ Party
    FC Meet-Up: Virtual LGBTQ+ Party
    Sun, 10 Dec
    FC - The LGBTQ Metaverse
    10-Dec-2023, 7:00 pm – 9:10 pm
    FC - The LGBTQ Metaverse
    Join in as cute little avatars in a virtual house to connect with other queer folks, including gay, bisexual, trans men, etc. to talk and laugh about things that matter to us - be it about our gender or sexual identities, our careers, new technology, mental health, or breaking a world record.
  • Meet Queer Love: FC Fundraiser Party
    Meet Queer Love: FC Fundraiser Party
    Sun, 17 Dec
    FC' the LGBTQ metaverse
    17-Dec-2023, 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
    FC' the LGBTQ metaverse
    Find someone who could potentially be the one for you, someone to share platonic love with, or someone to do life with - Get ready to get what you are looking for from anywhere yet still in an in-person-like environment in the Virtual LGBTQ World - FC. Get FC premium features!

Weekly Evenings

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