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Volunteer with us  

FC is the metaverse which along with FC’s website & app provides a safe space for verified LGBTQ folx & allies to form meaningful connections and acquire their own personal and professional queer network to rely on all stages of life.

Now, because it's a safe virtual space, we don't have heart bending pictures to show but words to tell how it is and a space to share for you to come and see for yourself. 

Volunteer with us, at FC (A 2D Metaverse), if:

  • You are just as frustrated with how society discriminates against LGBTQ+ folks and fails to understand gender & sexual diversity is absolutely normal and natural 

  • You believe personal finance management and financial freedom is a must for everyone


Did you just think "Wait a minute!"?

Ready to make an impact?

Please complete the form to get started!

Thank you for showing your interest in volunteering with us. We will get back to you at the earliest.

Image by Max Di Capua

Volunteering Opportunities

1 / Social Media Marketing

Assist with organizational communications through social media across platforms

2 / Research on Gender & Sexual Diversity (LGBTQ+)

Do a market and social research on LGBTQ+ concepts and development and create reports in required format

3 / Research on Personal Finance Management (PFM)

Curate resources on Personal Finance Management and for financial freedom based on thorough research

4 / Website SEO

Manage SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase rankings on search engines, optimize pages, and perform ongoing keyword discovery. Learn while doing it with experts.

5 / Content Writing

Write content for social media and website, articles and press releases related to gender and sexual diversity and personal finance

6 / Graphic Designing

Design social media and website content in alliance with brand guidelines to present sexual and gender diversity and personal finance in light required

7 / Video Editing

Edit videos on need basis, videos to send out invites or present other content on understanding sexual and gender diversity and attaining financial freedom

8 / Video Making 

Feature in social media videos of FC and if you would like, even come up with new ideas to implement. 

9 / Market Research

Assist the team in putting together report on target audience's needs and behavior

10 / Operations

Assist the team in running FC and planning and organizing events 

11 / Website Development

Help in the website and App development using Wix and Velo platform

12 / Other

Choose this option in the form above if your interest lies outside the opportunities above.

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