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FC WhatsApp Groups

Guidelines for FC's WhatsApp Community:

  • Privacy and Security: Our group is exclusively for #FCverified members. New members joining via the group link are approved only after verification. So, Remember, shared information should stay within the group unless explicitly permitted to share further.

  • Boundaries and Safety: Boundaries are crucial here too. The safe word is 'LOTUS.' If mentioned, change the topic or politely excuse yourself. Use the safe word to establish boundaries. Crossing boundaries results in a warning; repeated infractions lead to removal.

  • DM or Not to DM: Seek permission before initiating personal chats. Move flirtatious or highly personal conversations out of the group. Obtain consent and shift them to private chats or FC.

  • Promotions: Share LGBTQ events and updates, but no non-LGBTQ promotions. Queer-owned businesses may promote minimally. Contact us for better ways.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy: Discrimination is not tolerated, including queerphobia, biphobia, transphobia, panphobia, aphobia, casteism, ableism, or prejudice. Research or inquire politely for understanding.

  • Trigger Warnings: Use "Trigger warning" for potentially sensitive topics. Support each other while being mindful of the impact our words can have.

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