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Rules followed in FC

FC is a safe space, therefore, rules are very strictly required to be followed in this LGBTQ metaverse to always keep the space safe for everyone. Violations will lead to removal of the member for the foreseeable future, with or without notification.


Please note: Rules are updated from time to time with notification on the app; make sure to keep yourself updated

Please find all the rules below in no particular order:


Boundaries are an absolute rule in FC. Change the topic or take a leave when someone says FC community's safe word' CACTUS, in writing or verbally. Understand that crossing anyone's boundaries will get you to exit the community


If two or more people are talking in a private space, take permission to enter the conversation

Trigger Warning

Give trigger warning before sharing or talking about something that could potentially trigger someone


Never ask anyone to turn their mic on if they have written "text only" in their name


Use pronouns written next to a person's name on any given day, without question


Never push anyone to turn their camera on, if they don't want to


Understand that unsolicited nudity and foul language is not tolerated at all


Respect other members' desire to stay anonymous for however long they want


Use the chosen name given on the screen, even if you personally know their socially identifiable name


Do not assume anyone's gender or sexuality

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