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What are the LGBTQ+ Places in Pune

Pune which derives its name from the word Punya (meaning holy) is known for its rich cultural and educational heritage. The city whose name has a meaning of holy cannot deny love in any of its forms and so the queer community is also having a nice time here. Let us have a quick look at some of the queer friendly places in Pune.

Pune Queer Collective is a community which organises offline screening events, workshops, panel discussions and marches etc. where you can meet many queer folks.

Mist LGBTQ Foundation is a mutidimensional organisation that covers from fighting for rights to organising informal parties for the queer crowd in Pune

Ministry of dance pune is a restaurant which hosts queer parties and where you can visit at any day with your queer friends without any fear.

Hi Spirits is a cafe and pub where the queer spirits are always welcomed.

Swig_pune is a queer friendly bar and eatery where you can dance to the beats .

Toit Pune is a bar and restaurant which has its own brewery and stone pizza

Aufside is a sports bar where you can watch the different sports with your queer group

Le Flamington is a cafe and patisserie which is owned by a queer person and is a very inclusive space for queer people

Bindu queer rights foundation works for health and rights of LGBTQIA+ community

There is also one more place where you can meet LGBTQIA+ folks and allies who understand the journey of being a queer person, with whom you can have personal and professional conversations; the place being FirstContact.LGBT a virtual space where you can find like minded people; interact and make a bond with them. The platform has a lot of queer folks from and around Pune. Join the platform to interact with them and other queer folks from the rest of the country. And you can always tell me about more queer friendly places in Pune in the comment section. After all, you too hangout in the queer friendly places, so why not let others know about those places as well.

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