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How to use FC?

FC is like fine wine; the more time you give it, the better it all gets.

FC is a lifestyle filled with love, fun, and growth. You'll know as you get involved. While people here know each other well, everybody is ready to welcome you. Take your time, get comfortable, and get flowing.


Connect personally and professionally with other #FCverified LGBTQ folx and allies across three things:



To go to FC Metaverse, go to the 'COME TO FCverse' page on the website or app. That's where the deepest connections happen because we get to have the best of both the online and offline worlds.


During the day, you can co-work / co-study or take breaks here. During the night, you can chill, play games, watch movies, attend FC evenings, take classes, attend parties, and more. The day and night divide is blurry!

Click to create your discoverable profile so that others can find you!

First Contact: India’s LGBTQ App

The ultimate free social networking app for the LGBTQ community. Discover new friends, meet like-minded people, and expand your professional and social network.

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You Belong here!


Connect with other verified FC members over chat, in groups, and in forums


Always get the latest details to meet others in FC whenever or in FC events & evenings

Fly Safely

Live a lifestyle with FC community that's always stepping up to support you in all stages of your life.

FC WhatsApp Groups

Guidelines for FC's WhatsApp Community:

  • Privacy and Security: Our group is exclusively for #FCverified members. New members joining via the group link are approved only after verification. So, Remember, shared information should stay within the group unless explicitly permitted to share further.

  • Boundaries and Safety: Boundaries are crucial here too. The safe word is 'LOTUS.' If mentioned, change the topic or politely excuse yourself. Use the safe word to establish boundaries. Crossing boundaries results in a warning; repeated infractions lead to removal.

  • DM or Not to DM: Seek permission before initiating personal chats. Move flirtatious or highly personal conversations out of the group. Obtain consent and shift them to private chats or FC.

  • Promotions: Share LGBTQ events and updates, but no non-LGBTQ promotions. Queer-owned businesses may promote minimally. Contact us for better ways.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy: Discrimination is not tolerated, including queerphobia, biphobia, transphobia, panphobia, aphobia, casteism, ableism, or prejudice. Research or inquire politely for understanding.

  • Trigger Warnings: Use "Trigger warning" for potentially sensitive topics. Support each other while being mindful of the impact our words can have.

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