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Aapke kuch awaal hain, aap collaborate karna chahte hain, ya aap kuch share karna chahte hain? Humein neeche contact karein. Hum aapko bohot jaldi waapis contact karenge.

  • How is FC safe?
    1. Not everyone makes it here; only people who have been personally screened do. 2. There are strict rules that everyone is required to follow if one wants to continue staying. 3. 'CACTUS' is the FC community's safe word. If someone utters it, verbally or in writing, the other person needs to change the topic or take a leave. Failure to do either is considered a crossing of the boundary and dealt with a warning the first time and removal from the community if continued. 4. There is 100% Privacy Protection for the members of FC who join using their chosen name (it doesn't have to be a legal name) and pronouns and with no personally identifiable information. 5. FC is a safe space; everyone who comes to this place comes with that recognition and act in the spirit of always keeping it safe, given the shared experience and empathy of the people of this virtual world.
  • What is "CACTUS"?
    It's the FC community's safety word to prevent any confusion in establishing boundaries. Not everyone is comfortable pointing out that they are uncomfortable; "CACTUS" is a hard stop. If someone mentions it to you verbally or in writing, move on, change the topic, or go away. Repeated failure to do so will force us to take the person off the platform.
  • Are there any rules?
    You will find the most updated FC rules here.
  • Who is FC for?
    FC is for LGBTQ folx as well as allies. This space is NOT for someone who does not believe in fundamental human rights for everyone; is queerphobic, transphobic, or biphobic; is casteist, ableist, classist, racist, or is a discriminatory person. FC is not for people with internalized homophobia who want to harm others. FC is a safe space; Everyone here intrinsically respects others and their boundaries.
  • What are the timings?
    FCverse - the LGBTQ metaverse is open 24/7. You may find people active in FC metaverse at different times of day depending on what's going on in here.
  • What is FC?
    FC is the virtual world (metaverse + website + app) for LGBTQ folx and allies to connect personally and professionally. #FCverified folx can come here, on any day at any time, to meet, chill, co-work, co-study, laugh, revive, and grow together, from their laptop or phone. WWW.FirstContact.LGBT is the website where you find the latest link and password to Come to FC. Besides the login details for FC, on the website and app, FC members can chat with each other, create their profiles, search others based on their personal and professional information, discuss in different groups or create their own, ask and answer questions in the Forum, access handpicked resources, and buy queer products (stay tuned for last one).
  • How do I search and connect with other FC members?
    You can currently do that only on FC's website on the FC Members page. The page can only be accessed by FC-verified Folx, so you will need to sign in with your email ID to access the page.
  • What are Rainbow Points?
    Rainbow Points are points you earn when you interact with others in groups, forums, and other activities on the website and app. The Points can be redeemed for various rewards. The points also get you to climb up levels and earn those badges.
  • Why can't I register on App?
    Registration can only be done on the FC's website by filling up the form at the time of sign-up. Unfortunately, there is no option to fill that form on the app.
  • How do I use FC?
    You can find a step-by-step step guide to using FC here:

Hum aapki baat sunna chahte hain

Submit karne ke liye dhanyawaad. Hum aapko jald hi wapis contact karenge.

You can also reach out to us at the following:

Phone Number: +91 81788 52238


Address: 2934, Sector 32A, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, India - 141010

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